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Adventures & Tribulations of Young Lady Katelyn Elizabeth

“Tales as extracted from her diaries, beginning with her thirteenth birthday, and following through to her presentation as a débutante to Queen Victoria.”

For some time I have been considering posting a series of short stories about the two and a half years in which Kate grew from childhood to her coming out in the spring of 1849, which of course led to her marriage to Dr. Henry Tattersall. Readers have asked about this period of her life, and in particular some of the details alluded to in her little bio. As was typical for the mid 1800s, girls and boys were often expected to act adult at an early age. Kate had a great deal to learn, experienced dramatic change, traumatic events, her first romance, and exciting adventures at home, London and Paris.

Lady Kate playing the coquette with a handsome young gentleman.

A young Lady Kate, her face shaded by the round brim of a bonnet, plays the coquette with a handsome country gentleman.

These tales will appear as blog articles, and then be archived together. If this interests you, please leave a comment.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in China

Kate Tattersall Adventures in China, Spring to Autumn 1849.

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  • Katherine

    Yes! That would be lovely to read!

  • Emily

    I just read all the stories you posted for the last 9 months. I loved them! I hope these are put in a book one day.

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