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The Thrilling Tales of a Remarkable Young Lady

Kate had just come into society, not yet sixteen, the daughter of an earl, when she unknowingly became a courier for the British Secret Service. Then, through circumstances and desire, their first Lady clandestine operative, carrying out tasks from 1849 to 1855.

Discover a little about those missions of high adventure. Join Kate as she uses her intellect, charm, and aplomb, and her brother's fantastic inventions, to work her way through each desperate situation.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in India, late Autumn 1849

In which the Adventuress, flushed with her early success, takes on a much more perilous tasking that would have been far beyond most ladies, or men, of her day.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in Ireland, Spring and Summer 1850

In which the Adventuress adopts a new disguise, experiences failure, and out of necessity acts most unladylike.

Content Advisory

Similar to the sensational Penny Dreadfuls of the Victorian era, these adventures contain mature themes and violence. We recommend them as suitable for young adults, and adults of all ages who are young at heart.



Rescue Witnessed & Reflections

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Swansea, Glamorganshire, late July 1848

“Help! Help!”

Kate ran to the quayside, joining a growing crowd.

“Katelyn!” Earl Beaufort called.

“Someone is in distress, Father!” Kate said over her shoulder. She looked down at the grey choppy water. “What’s happened?” she asked no one in particular.

“A lad fell in!” a woman replied. “And the tide is goin’ out!”

Kate instantly felt her heartbeat thumping in her throat. She scanned the waves for any sign of a boy. Someone must save him! Why isn’t anyone moving? I’ll go in! She set down her handbag and started removing her bonnet.

“What are you doing?” Earl Beaufort demanded, having reached Kate’s side.

“A boy! He’s drowning! Someone must–

“There ‘e is!” a gruff voice exclaimed.

Kate spotted a boy…

Garden Follies


Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, mid July 1848

“Would you like to join us in quoits or skittles, Lady Kate?”

Kate spun around to face Spencer, Lord Cavendish of Keighly, a boy her age. She felt embarrassed about being caught searching for secret cupboards among the intricate oak panelling of the breakfast room. Since arriving at Chatsworth House two days previously a steady rain had fallen, so Kate spent much of her time exploring and reading, when not otherwise occupied by the niceties of the visit. The rain had finally stopped during the night.

“We’re playing on the south lawn,” Spencer said

As Kate approached a window to consider the invitation, sunshine lancing into the room, motes hanging in the light, Spencer disappeared…

Facing Mortality


Haverholme Priory, Lincolnshire, 8 July 1848

“I hope this goes well,” Earl Beaufort murmured to no one in particular as he glanced out a rain-streaked coach window.

Kate, sitting across from her father, perceived the concern in his voice and closed her book. She raised an eyebrow and stared at her father’s face, inviting conversation. What is it?

“Did you enjoy our visit with the Heathcotes?” he asked softly, obviously in a desire not to wake Jane and the maids, who were dozing.

“Very much,” Kate whispered. “I like the old baronet. Were we there for me to meet his grandson?”

“Not particularly, although he seems a decent lad.”

“I thought so. He’s attending Trinity College. I remember visiting Grimsthorpe before, a long…

Another Midsummer Steeplechase

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Somersetshire, 21 June 1848

Hoof beats thundered all around. Kate glanced through her mud spattered veil over a shoulder. Four… no, six riders in close pursuit. Their mounts look tired. A large man on a superb chestnut stallion rode to her side. I recognise him and his horse from last year. I think they won. He’ll soon be making a move. Ahead were five racers, throwing up clumps of dirt, the surface of the road compromised by overnight torrents of rain. Everything is going as planned. I’m in good position. There’s that lane on the right. Almost time to leave the road!

The previous day Kate had scouted the route several times and decided upon a bold tactic. By…