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The Thrilling Tales of a Remarkable Young Lady

Kate had just come into society, not yet sixteen, the daughter of an earl, when she unknowingly became a courier for the British Secret Service. Then, through circumstances and desire, their first Lady clandestine operative, carrying out tasks from 1849 to 1855.

Discover a little about those missions of high adventure. Join Kate as she uses her intellect, charm, and aplomb, and her brother's fantastic inventions, to work her way through each desperate situation.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in India, late Autumn 1849

In which the Adventuress, flushed with her early success, takes on a much more perilous tasking that would have been far beyond most ladies, or men, of her day.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in Ireland, Spring and Summer 1850

In which the Adventuress adopts a new disguise, experiences failure, and out of necessity acts most unladylike.

Content Advisory

Similar to the sensational Penny Dreadfuls of the Victorian era, these adventures contain mature themes and violence. We recommend them as suitable for young adults, and adults of all ages who are young at heart.



Late April 1847

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Watercress Girl

Heigho!” Kat yelled angrily and dashed from a parlour window.

She plummeted down the stairs, vaulted through the front hall taking up an umbrella without slowing, and charged out the front door onto the pavement.

“My lady!” Reynold called, making chase. “Wait!”

A moment previously, Kat had witnessed three shabbily attired bare-foot boys run into a little girl who sold watercress in the neighbourhood and often stood on the corner. They pushed her over onto the street, pulled her apron over her face, then sprinted away toward Hyde Park. As Kat ran to her aid, she saw the girl sitting in the dirt, peering around bewildered with large round staring eyes.

Early April 1847

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Of Corsets and Templars

“Who’s there?” Kat sat up in bed and peered into her dressing room, spying the glow of a lamp.

“It’s Isabel,” the maid answered softly. “Did I wake you, my lady?”

“No…” Kat shifted and winced from a twinge in her hip. “Is it late?”

“There’s still two hours before your lessons start.”

“I should have breakfast. Are you laying out my toilette?”

“Yes, and I’ve instructions to help you dress.”

“Why today?”

“Not just today, my lady, every day from now on. And whenever you change, and when you retire for the evening.”


Late March 1847


Miss Primrose’s Arrival

On light feet Kat slipped from the back parlour, leaving Miss Nestor drowsing, and made her way into the medieval wing of the manor. The earl’s library stood quiet, only the tick-tock of the mantle clock and an occasional crackle from the fire. Many of the vast hearths were still constantly lit against the damp and cool weather, and would burn until the soft days of summer. Keeping the extensive book collection dry was particularly important, or the volumes might mildew, an odour Kat hated. She sat in a window seat, peering through the small diamond-shaped panes, longing to be strolling in the sunlight. It was quite a mild morning for late…

7 March 1847

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Pistol Testing

Kat found a general air of tension existed at first. Jack acted completely indifferent to their father’s news, a disinterest that came across as quite sulky. Phoebe and the baby took control of the situation, the former guiding conversations, the latter receiving an excessive amount of attention.

Jack was keen and curious about Kat’s assessment of some pistols he had been tinkering with for several months. He’d brought an assortment of unusual weapons for her to handle. Instead of normal pistols, these were built with various rotating features, to provide anywhere from three to six consecutive shots. Jack had modified them all to fire using a new style of hammer with…