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The Thrilling Tales of a Remarkable Young Lady

Kate had just come into society, not yet sixteen, the daughter of an earl, when she unknowingly became a courier for the British Secret Service. Then, through circumstances and desire, their first Lady clandestine operative, carrying out tasks from 1849 to 1855.

Discover a little about those missions of high adventure. Join Kate as she uses her intellect, charm, and aplomb, and her brother's fantastic inventions, to work her way through each desperate situation.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in India, late Autumn 1849

In which the Adventuress, flushed with her early success, takes on a much more perilous tasking that would have been far beyond most ladies, or men, of her day.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in Ireland, Spring and Summer 1850

In which the Adventuress adopts a new disguise, experiences failure, and out of necessity acts most unladylike.

Content Advisory

Similar to the sensational Penny Dreadfuls of the Victorian era, these adventures contain mature themes and violence. We recommend them as suitable for young adults, and adults of all ages who are young at heart.



A New Year; Life & Death

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Quantock Hall, Somersetshire, 5 January 1848

“That is sad news. Have arrangements been made?”

“Yes, my lord,” Smythe said while taking the earl’s hat and coat.

“Thank you.”

Between fussing over her dogs, Ebony and Cinders, and taking off her bonnet and coat, Kate hadn’t heard what their butler related to her father, but the last words were clear. Immediately upon entering the front hall she noted Smythe stepping close to Lord Beaufort and speaking softly. Kate’s curiosity mingled with her delight of returning to Quantock Hall. Visiting the Primrose’s for Yuletide had been enjoyable, but Kate felt happy to be home.

“Katelyn, a word,” Lord Beaufort said while stepping into the west hall. He led her to the front parlour. “Mrs. Crozier…

Young Lady Katelyn Elizabeth, Adventures & Tribulations 1847

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Below you will find links to the chapters covering a year in Kate’s life, from her thirteenth birthday to Christmas celebrations. These were originally posted as blog articles but have been converted to pages. Unfortunately, the pages cannot be commented on, and the encouraging notes that existed previously are archived. I thank those who took the time to share their feelings. You may comment at the bottom of this post. The first photo appears in Chapter 3, with artwork beginning in Chapter 5.

Chapter 1, A Young Lady’s 13th Birthday, Quantock Hall, Somersetshire, 11 January 1847.

Chapter 2, The Society Tutor, Somersetshire, late January 1847.

Chapter 3, Jack and Phoebe Arrive, Somersetshire, 2 March 1847.

Chapter 4,…

Christmas With the Primroses

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Ulverston, late December 1847

“We must be almost there?” Kate ventured to no one in particular.

Lord Beaufort shook himself out of a slumber and peered around. Kate smiled at her father, happy to see him awake.

“Ulverston cannot be much farther?” she asked.

“What time is it?” the earl asked, as he unfolded his coat and drew a gold timepiece. Turning it towards the window he nodded. “We should be coming to the town any moment.”


Kate leaned forward and looked out a window at the snow shrouded hills. Only the door windows of their grand coach were uncovered, the heavy glass creating somewhat of a distorted view. All the other windows were insulated by blinds and curtains to keep out…

Adventures & Tribulations of Young Lady Katelyn Elizabeth


“Tales as extracted from her diaries, beginning with her thirteenth birthday, and following through to her presentation as a débutante to Queen Victoria.”

For some time I have been considering posting a series of short stories about the two and a half years in which Kate grew from childhood to her coming out in the spring of 1849, which of course led to her marriage to Dr. Henry Tattersall. Readers have asked about this period of her life, and in particular some of the details alluded to in her little bio. As was typical for the mid 1800s, girls and boys were often expected to act adult at an early age. Kate had a great deal to learn, experienced…