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The Thrilling Tales of a Remarkable Young Lady

Kate had just come into society, not yet sixteen, the daughter of an earl, when she unknowingly became a courier for the British Secret Service. Then, through circumstances and desire, their first Lady clandestine operative, carrying out tasks from 1849 to 1855.

Discover a little about those missions of high adventure. Join Kate as she uses her intellect, charm, and aplomb, and her brother's fantastic inventions, to work her way through each desperate situation.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in India, late Autumn 1849

In which the Adventuress, flushed with her early success, takes on a much more perilous tasking that would have been far beyond most ladies, or men, of her day.


Kate Tattersall Adventures in Ireland, Spring and Summer 1850

In which the Adventuress adopts a new disguise, experiences failure, and out of necessity acts most unladylike.

Content Advisory

Similar to the sensational Penny Dreadfuls of the Victorian era, these adventures contain mature themes and violence. We recommend them as suitable for young adults, and adults of all ages who are young at heart.



July 1847

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Sunday Games



Kate waited for him to look up from his breakfast.

“What is it?” he prompted, spreading jam on his toast.

“I thought… perhaps, Pixie could join in the games after church today?”

Lord Beaufort raised an appraising brow and cast his eyes from Kate, to Mrs. Crozier, to Miss Nestor, then back to his daughter. Kate noticed a scowl upon her tutor’s face, while her governess smiled and nodded in approval.

“The hall boys and under-maids take turns playing on Sundays, don’t they?” Lord Beaufort directed his question to Smythe, the butler.

“Yes, they do, my lord.”

21 June 1847

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Midsummer Steeplechase

“This is quite exciting!” Kate declared.

“Like Ascot Heath?” her father asked.

“Yes… more so.”

“Truly? Why?”

Kate thought a moment before responding. The spectacle and grandeur of the Ascot races was something she would never forget. To view the queen with her prince consort and their entourage would leave a lasting impression on anyone. Kate was no stranger to the pageantry of the nobility, however, up until this season she had attended only a few gala affairs each year, and as a child. But Ascot, well… the throngs of people, the chaos of the carnival, and the magnificent horses… all blurred together like a…

Mid May 1847

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An Amiable Afternoon

“We have a full day planned,” Miss Primrose said with a toothy grin.

“We do?” Kate asked. It’s already noon. I’ve had lessons all morning.

“That is, Lord Beaufort and I have made plans, for your benefit.”

“Ah… thank you.”

Kate didn’t like the sound of the phrase ‘for your benefit’ coming from Miss Primrose, but she certainly trusted her father. Of course Kate knew they were going out somewhere, she had been told to prepare by her tutor and governess after they received instructions from the butler. So, as the tall cabinet clock struck twelve, Kate stood ready in the front hall, clothed…

7 May 1847

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A Nickname Lost

“Quickly, my lady.”

“Yes, Mrs. Crozier.”

“You must be at your absolute best behaviour,” the decorum matron continued while inspecting Kat’s outfit through her quizzing glass.

“I understand. I know how to amuse little children.”

“It’s not the children who matter. Miss Primrose’s first impression of you was a mud-splattered tatterdemalion – a complete and utter disgrace. We shan’t have that with her parents, or their cousins.”

“No, we shan’t,” Kat agreed, examining herself in a full length cheval mirror. This walking suit is dazzling! “I have met Lord Dalmeny and Lady Wilhelmina before, and the Earl and Countess of Rosebery.” She fingered the lace lappets dangling from…