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Incredible Victorian Inventions & the Roots of Steampunk


When writers like Jules Verne (1828-1905) and artists such as Albert Robida (1848-1926) began dreaming up the first works of science fiction, they were wondering what might be possible based on the fantastic creations of┬áthe Victorian era. Most people today aren’t aware of what the daring inventors managed to accomplish, …

Steam Power in the mid 1800s


The first “horseless carriage” to be demonstrated in London was constructed by Richard Trevithick in 1803. It was designed as a passenger vehicle and averaged between 4 to 9 mph (6.5 to 14.5km), similar to a trotting horse. While the propulsion system seemed to be fine, and perhaps could have …

Early Victorian Eyeglasses; what did Kate Tattersall wear?


If you enjoy this website, and would like to see it remain open, please purchase Kate Tattersall Adventures in China. Eyeglasses in various forms date back to the 1200s. By the 1850s they had evolved into a wide array of styles and many of the wealthy enjoyed wearing intricate versions. …

Early Victorian Handguns; Part 3, Kate Tattersall’s pistols


What was special about the weapons Kate carried on her missions? They were the creations of her brother, Jack Beaufort, a brilliant inventor who drew from the skills of others and combined them for startling results. The descriptions and technical drawings are similar to any number of pepperbox revolvers which …