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Pistol Duelling during the Early Victorian Era


If you enjoy this website, and would like to see it remain open, please purchase Kate Tattersall Adventures in China. By the 1840s pistols were the weapon of choice for duels in Britain. Learning to properly defend oneself with a sabre took far more practise and skill. It also required …

Early Victorian Handguns; Part 3, Kate Tattersall’s pistols


What was special about the weapons Kate carried on her missions? They were the creations of her brother, Jack Beaufort, a brilliant inventor who drew from the skills of others and combined them for startling results. The descriptions and technical drawings are similar to any number of pepperbox revolvers which …

Early Victorian Handguns; Part 2, problems with design


There were some surprisingly good handgun designs by the early 1850s. While many of the finest were produced in London, an outstanding model was designed and manufactured by Samuel E. Robbins and Richard S. Lawrence of Windsor, Vermont, from about 1851 to 1854. A total of about 7,000 of these …