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Young Lady Katelyn Elizabeth, Adventures & Tribulations 1847

Below you will find links to the chapters covering a year in Kate’s life, from her thirteenth birthday to Christmas celebrations. These were originally posted as blog articles but have been converted to pages. Unfortunately, the pages cannot be commented on, and the encouraging notes that existed previously are archived. I thank those who took the time to share their feelings. You may comment at the bottom of this post. The first photo appears in Chapter 3, with artwork beginning in Chapter 5.

Chapter 1, A Young Lady’s 13th Birthday, Quantock Hall, Somersetshire, 11 January 1847.

Chapter 2, The Society Tutor, Somersetshire, late January 1847.

Chapter 3, Jack and Phoebe Arrive, Somersetshire, 2 March 1847.

Chapter 4, Pistol Testing, Quantock Hall, 7 March 1847.

Chapter 5, Miss Primrose’s Arrival, Quantock Hall, late March 1847.

Chapter 6, Of Corsets & Templars, London, early April 1847.

Chapter 7, Watercress Girl, London, late April 1847.kate travelling

Chapter 8, A Nickname Lost, London, 7 May 1847.

Chapter 9, An Amiable Afternoon, London, mid May 1847.

Chapter 10, Midsummer Steeplechase, Somersetshire, 21 June 1847.

Chapter 11, Sunday Games, Somersetshire, July 1847.

Chapter 12, Further Revelations, Somersetshire, late July 1847.

Chapter 13, A Firearms Demonstration, Hastings, late August 1847.

Chapter 14, Life, Death, & Acorns, Somersetshire, October 1847.

Chapter 15, Prelude to a Hunt, Quantock Hall, November 1847.

Chapter 16, A Fox Hunt, Quantock Hills, late November 1847.

Chapter 17, Post Hunt Reception, Crowcombe Court, late November 1847.

Chapter 18, The Gypsy Camp, Quantock Hills, early December 1847.

Chapter 19, Christmas With the Primroses, Ulverston, late December 1847.



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